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First post, join in pleeaasssee!!!! o.o

Simone was harried, and feeling not at all herself as she hurried around the school before her first class was due to begin. She was supposed to head up to the Headmasters office before her first class so that he could see her dog, but, unfortunately, her dog had dissapeared. Again.
So there she was, hurrying through the halls in a bit of a panic, asking whomever she came across if they'd seen an unusually large black dog wandering the halls.

Ohh...why would he run away again? I thought I was doing everything right... she thought to herself. It just seemed odd to her, he'd seemed so happy before, but, she had known because of the last time, that he was prone to dissapearing acts.

So she continued to look, pausing every once in a while to ask someone "Have you seen my dog?"
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