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Bark at the Moon...

Player: Griff
Age: 22
OOC Journal:(Optional) griff_highwind
Contact Information: (AIM, YM, E-mail, etc) AIM: Sirius Griffon

Requested Character: Remus Lupin
Character's Age: Around 35
Character's Occupation or Grade: Currently, hes unemployed and a drifter
Sexual Preference: Straight
Character's House (if applicable: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff): Not applicable
Anything That You Feel We Should Know: Lets see here, after his incident, Lupin has kept very low. Although, after hearing about Sirius Black's death, a deeply saddened Lupin comes to check in on Harry to make certain the young wizard is all right. Although, he wont go in too close to the school, and noone is certain where he is realy living at.
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