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Fly like an Eagle...

Player: Griff
Age: 22
OOC Journal:(Optional) griff_highwind
Contact Information: (AIM, YM, E-mail, etc) AIM: Sirius Griffon

Requested Character: Erivahn Saitcen
Physical Description(Original Characters Only): Erin stands about 5'7" tall, and wears the stabdard robes of a student. But her sleeves seem a bit longer than usual, to where when she uses her wand only the very tip sticks out. Her left eye is scarred shut, her right is a golden eye and looks like an eagles. Plus, she has the sight to match. BUT, her arms are deformed, as if inbetween shifts. Her hair is a bright red in color, and she has it to where it completely covered her left eye and almost looks like a wing.
Character's Age: 17
History/Background(Original Characters Only): In her fifth year Erin's familiar, a barn owl named Aristotle, died. Where Aristotle died, Erin found a simple egg. She soon discovered it was no normal egg.. it was a gryphon egg! When it hatched, it became apparent that Arindale, or Ari, was Erin's new familiar. And it became VERY apparent gryphons werent normal birds, and often Erin wondered what her new familiar would be thinking. And so, tempted by her curiosity and love for Ari, Erin attempted to become an animagus, hoping that as an animal she could speak with Ari, one of her only friends. But she found out quickly why the spell is rarely used. The spell backfired, because the form that tried to come to her was too powerful, a gryphon leaving Erin forever changed and scarred. Now she lives on, but is unable to speak avian. She was even held back a year in school, as she recovered from her acccident. She strives now only to gain more power so she can attempt it all again and recover what she lost...
Character's Occupation or Grade: Year 6
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Character's House (if applicable: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff): Slytherin
Anything That You Feel We Should Know: Her familiar is a gryphon hatchling named Arindale, or Ari for short
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