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Yet another Harry Potter RP.

Current timeline after OOTP.

A Harry Potter RP
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The wizarding world has gone through a roller coaster of events in the past few years. However, the most recent events are the ones that have made the most impact. Most of the death eater's have been captured and imprisoned. All the dementors are now under the control of the ministry of magic. However, Azkaban is now guarded mostly by wizards as opposed to the dementors. But what is more important than that is the fact that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is still alive and about. With the aid of the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter was able to capture most of the death eaters and convince the Ministry of Magic to be on alert for You-Know-Who. His godfather. Sirius Black was killed while fighting off death eater's to protect Harry. After his death the Ministry has cleared Black's name, thanks to the capture of Peter Pettigrew. Other odd things are happening though. There is an outcry for Albus Dumbledore to become the new Minister of Magic, which he has blatantly refused time and again. There is an opening for a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, but no one knows who it will be. No one except for Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts. Voldemort has been laying low recently, thanks to the constant patrol of Aurors and the Order.

Harry Potter's 6th year has begun.


1) Respect your fellow members and the moderators. We work better when we work together.

2) No GOD-MODDING. That is when you take control of another player's character without their permission.

3) Het, slash and everything in between is allowed. But be discreet about it and slap that stuff behind an lj-cut and a fair warning. If you have no idea what an lj-cut is, feel free to ask one of the moderators for some assistance. That's what we're here for. However, please don't have all your posts be sex scenes. We're here to rp, not to shag.

4) Original Character's are allowed but are harshly scrutinized for approval. Please try to be original.

5) If you are applying for a deceased character, please give a very elaborate reason why they are back. and it has to be reasonable of course.

6) Please be an active member of the community if you're thinking of joining. If you do not post within 7 days from joining, you will be warned. From there you have another four days to post or comment, and if not, you lose your character. If you are leaving an extended period of time, please leave a post in the community or contact a moderator.

7) You must be at least 13 years old in order to join this community as it might involve adult situations.

8) No more than two (2) characters per character. If you know you can handle more, let a moderator know and it will be considered.

9) If you've never role played, have any questions, or are having any problems with someone else within the community. Contact a moderator asap. We're here to help.


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* = played by a mod
OC = Original Character

Harry Potter - thxbxywhxlxvxd

*Draco Malfoy - bombastic_draco
Erivahn Saitcen(OC) - scarred_magic

*Shadow Vierra(OC) - flittir


Hogwarts Staff
*Albus Dumbledore - ancient_kid
*Simone Alaster(OC) - schmii
Rubeus Hagrid - comcprofesser
Angelo Fatesorter(OC)- _gallowsartist_
Severus Snape - vain_arrogance

Wizarding World
*Sirius Black - soul_of_black
Remus Lupin - lunar_lupin


*Renn(OC) - shadowofthevoid