bombastic_draco (bombastic_draco) wrote in high_table,

Jump in!

Draco Malfoy headed down the hallway of Hogwarts castle to his first class. Herbology. It was a dull class that wasn't, as far as he thought, as important as Professor Sprout proclaimed it to be. On his robe was a prefect badge. He forgot he had it until he pinned it on this morning. It was a comfort to know that if anyone annoyed him too much, he could assign detentions as he saw fit.

Just as he turned the corner he nearly bumped into a wall. Or at least, he thought it was a wall. Crabbe and Goyle of the Slytherin house were standing in his way. They had their arms crossed and had a look of anger and disgust on their face as they glared at him. "We heard." Crabbe said in a very gruff voice.

"Yeah." Goyle said as he popped his knuckles. "Our dads told us about what you did."

Draco was caught off guard. He had forgotten completely about these two. This past summer was one of the worst he had ever had. "Did they? Did they have to use pictures so you could understand better?" He spat out bitterly.
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