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AIM rp/ beginning of a thread for Sirius and Dumbledore to respond to!

((Unless Snape catches them before they make it in the door...o.o))

Harry sighed as he rooted around in the large pot. He was supposed to be finding the roots of a Magic Oak sapling that a first year had accidentally torn out. Why was it that the higher he went in school, the more boring everything got when compared to Quidditch and Defense Against the Dark Arts? He pulled out a root and set it in a tray, smiling despite himself as it squirmed around, twisting and knotting itself up, then  becoming straight as an arrow. Magic Oak was as strong as a normal oak, but very resiliant as well.

Simone completed the long walk down to the Herbology Greenhouse. She shook her head, she didn't remember it being this far away... of course, she was full of youthfull energy then, and not weighed down by finding out ther dog was an escaped convict. A cleared convict, but just the same...
She broke out of her reverie as she turned the knob to the Greenhouse and entered, striding past students who inevitably looked up to see what the pretty new teacher was doing there. Glancing around, she found Professor Sprout and approached her.

"Good Morning Professor Sprout" she said, smiling.

"Good Morning to you Professor Alaster" Professor Sprout replied, though a little surprised to see her. "What brings you here this morning?" she asked.

"Oh, Professor Dumbledore has sent me to fetch Harry, he's needed in the Headmasters office urgently" She told Sprout, who blinked a few times, and then pointed in Harry's direction. "He's right over there. Not in trouble already, is he?" she asked.

Simone shook her head, smiling again. "No, I should think not." She said simply.

Harry looked over at the mention of his name, and smiled upon seeing Professor Alaster. "Hello there." he said quietly, so as not to disturb the plants, as he slid off his work gloves and walked over. He noticed that Simone was a little pale, and looked worried. "What's the matter?" he asked, concerned.

Simone smiled as she made her way through the students to Harry's workstation. she brushed a few hairs behind her hear idley.

"Hello Harry. I've been sent to fetch you from class. You're needed in the Headmasters office." she said, smiling a little. She was surprised that he was worried about her. "I'm fine, just fine. You need to get your things though, so we can go, alright? We do have to hurry, afterall." she said with a nod.

"Right... right!" he scooped his gloves and things into his bag, along with his books, and took the roots over to Professor Sprout's table. Then he hurried back and hoisted his bag up, "Okay, I'm ready to go."

Harry headed out of the greenhouse, and waited until they were a good distance away to ask, "Why does Professor Dumbledore need to see me Professor?"

Simone shook her head. She was fairly sure that this was meant to be a surprise, so she thought she shouldn't say anything about it.

"I suppose you'll have to wait until you get there" She said, a mischevious smile crossing her lips as she rummaged in her pocket for her pipe.

As they passed an oak tree, she stooped down swiftly in mid-stride and scooped up an acorn, which she quickly slid into her pocket.

"Okay..." Harry seemed doubtful. In the past, whenever he'd been called into Dumbledore's office, it had been either really terrible news, or amazingly good news. He hoped it was the second one. Harry grinned at Simone as they entered the castle, "Oh, and thanks for saving me."

After a few steps, he elaborated, "From that class.. picking roots.. ehh.. lil boring."

Simone laughed a little. It was the first time she'd done it since arriving at the school, it was a soft, bell-like laugh that seemed to linger a bit after she was done.

"It wasn't my favorite class either. Though... those four..always did make it more interesting." She said nostalgically.

Harry smiled at the laugh. Laughter was one of the things he liked best, especially when it wasn't directed at him. "Four? Do you mean... the Marauders?" he was curious, because all manner of trouble seemed to be linked to his father and his friends.

Simone nodded. "Indeed. Horribly funny you know. Well...I suppose not to everyone" she corrected herself, thinking on it a moment. "Once they tried to convince the teacher that they'd discovered a new form of mandrake by casting silencio on it" she said, laughing again. "They called it "Marauders Mute Mandrake" she told him, still giggling at the thought. "Of course, it didn't work, but one had to give the creadit for trying..." She shook her head, still smiling at the silly memory. Remembering that, made her feel a bit better about having Sirius Black hiding out at her house as a dog.

"The Mauraders Mute Mandrake huh?" Harry suppressed a laugh, "I'm half tempted to try casting it on one of the Mandrakes in greenhous six. But my friend Hermione would kill me, heh." he winked one bright green eye to Simone, and rounded a corner. He'd been to Dumbledore's office so many times in the past few years that he could get there blindfolded and Levitating.

"Ah yes, I'd imagine she'd have a heart attack if she knew you were even considering it" Simone nodded wisley. She'd seen Hermoine on the train, she reminded her very much of Harry's Mother when she was in school.

It wasn't much farther to the office, she wondered how he'd take the news. She hoped he reacted better than she had.

"You're sure you can't tell me just a little bit?" Harry pleaded, doing his best to pout, but his heroic suppression of a grin gave it away.


Simone shook her head, smiling at his gumption. There was no way she was going to ruin this for him, it would be horrible of her to do that. She stowed her pipe away as they approached, He would have to just wait and see for himself.

Harry looked at the statue that blocked the entrance to the Headmaster's office. He honestly wondered what the password for it was. It had to be some sort of candy, it was -always- some form of candy.

"Sherbet Lemon," Harry said jokingly, wondering if Dumbledore ever used a password twice.

Simone giggled a little, shaking her head.

"Blueberry Gumdrop" She said, and the Gargoyle leapt aside revealing the stairway leading up to Dumbledores office. With a quick nod, she allowed Harry to go up the stairs first. This was his moment, afterall.
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